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October 2020

Continuing to grow. No matter what conditions are thrown at us.

When faced with challenges, we remember our past, live in the present, and build for the future.

In 2020, the world was reminded that it cannot live without farmers. The industry received very little federal support as farmers were faced with significant headwinds due to strained international trade relations, supply chain uncertainty, and increased operating costs from carbon taxes while trying to adjust operations to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic.

In many cases, farmers were also pulling out the combine to finish the 2019 harvest due to extreme weather conditions in the fall of 2019. This was a year where the entire agricultural industry was challenged, and in true form, agriculture adapted and demonstrated its resiliency and character.

This was my first year as General Manager for Bourgault Tillage Tools, and I could not have asked for a better year to lead our teams and help shape our company strategies, while staying true to our principles of integrity, quality, continuous improvement, and innovation.

It was imperative that we challenged ourselves in every area of our business in order to remain competitive with overseas manufacturing. In addition to efficiency we worked to build bridges by listening to the challenges faced by farmers, dealers, and equipment manufacturers.

Our “Closer to the Farm” strategy has helped customers view us as more than just a tillage tool company. We are a partner who can solve any ground engaging challenge, on any piece of equipment that you have on the farm and we put our money where our mouth is by investing in research and development.

This confidence comes from more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing high quality parts, and equipment, and the fact that many of our employees are also farmers. Innovation remains a top priority for our company, and we have made several advancements in 2020 to improve our product offerings.

The MAX LIFE™ Harrow Tines have been an important product for us, and we continue to add new harrow options this year. R&D has also expanded the MAX LIFE portfolio by adding MAX LIFE Scrapers to enhance the performance and precision of your tillage and seeding equipment.

Through our BTT WearIQ R&D team, we have worked collaboratively with Bourgault Industries to develop both standard and Extended Wear ½” seeding and fertilizer knives for the Bourgault 3330 machines that were launched this year. In addition to this, we
will be expanding our product line for the Väderstad Seed Hawk machines by offering various combinations of a low disturbance ½” fertilizer and seed knives.

When faced with challenges, we remember our past, live in the present, and build for the future.

We also value the opportunity to offer the Forges De Niaux disk blades and continue to demonstrate their value to farmers by providing OEMs and Dealers with this high-quality blade.

Our Weed Clipper Division has also been enhancing both the 30’ and 50’ units to allow for heavier cutting and mulching. With our demo and rental program this year, it was evident that the machine can not only provide excellent weed control, but also provide farmers with the flexibility to cut anything from alfalfa, to clover, to even hemp straw.

There are several other ongoing initiatives that will set a new standard for wear, performance and quality that we are actively testing in 2021. It has been a pleasure to be part of Bourgault Tillage Tools, and moving back to rural Saskatchewan.

Our manufacturing facility is in St. Brieux, SK, where my wife Lise grew up, and where our children, Emmerly and Liam, have been excitedly expanding their relationships with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. It has also brought me closer to my parents who still run our family farm near Bienfait, SK, and to Joseph Bourgault who continues to provide leadership as the President of Bourgault Tillage Tools.

Community and family is foundational to our company and we’re thankful to all of you who have made the conscious decision to support local because it does make a difference in keeping Canada, Saskatchewan, and our rural communities strong and prosperous.

As for the future, we are prepared to handle whatever obstacles come our way because we are also farmers. Our livelihood depends on our ability to grow no matter what conditions are thrown at us. The way we get through these valley’s is by learning from our past, reacting to the present, and always thinking about how our actions will impact the future.

With your continued support, our company has a very bright future. Thank you for your loyalty, and we look forward to seeing you in the field!

Ryan Olson,
General Manager

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