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Fits: 410 Series Speed-Loc™

Fertiliser Type: Non-Freeze NH3

Tube Size: 1/2” (12mm) O.D.

Tip Options:
3/4” (19mm) tips:

  • 600-TIP-7500 (cast chrome)
  • 600-TIP-7501 (regular carbide)
  • 600-TIP-7502 (extra-long nose carbide)
3” (76mm) tip:
  • 600-TIP-3011 (full carbide)

Tips sold separately.

Installation Driver: 400-DRV-1010

Overview: NH3 is delivered through a nylon insert, insulating the knife from the NH3. This prevents moist soil from freezing up and building up on the knife, keeping it narrow to reduce disturbance with minimal gassing off.

Not recommended for rocky conditions. 

The Speed Release tool (200-REL-1010) must be used when removing openers, sweeps and spikes from the Speed-Loc™ Adapters.

speed-loc quick change release tool 200-REL-1010
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