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Fits: 410 Series Speed-Loc™

Fertiliser Type: Hot-gas NH3

Tube Size: 3/8″ (9mm) O.D.

Tip Options: This knife comes with a 3/4″ (19mm) welded tip, making it better in rocky conditions.

Overview: This fertiliser knife is designed for heavy duty use with hot-gas NH3 kits.

410-KNF-0831 comes with carbide tip, providing extra wear life and better penetration.
410-KNF-0830 comes without carbide tip.

Installation Driver: 400-DRV-1010

Can be converted to a liquid system. Please call the factory for more details.

The Speed Release tool (200-REL-1010) must be used when removing openers, sweeps and spikes from the Speed-Loc™ Adapters.

speed-loc quick change release tool 200-REL-1010
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