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Fits: C-Shank

Fertiliser Type:
Granular N (610-ASY-2711G & 610-ASY-2712G)
Liquid N (610-ASY-2711L & 610-ASY-2712L)

Seed Placement: The seed is placed 3/4” (19mm) above and to the side of the fertiliser row after the carbide wafer under the tip’s wing seals the fertiliser trench and firms up the seed bed.

Fertiliser Placement: Fertiliser is placed in the center 3/4” (19mm) below the seed bed. The carbide wafer under the wing seals the fertiliser trench before the seed is placed. In less than ideal conditions, mixing between seed and fertiliser may occur. For more information please refer to precautions & risk factors.

Tip Options: Replaceable cast chrome tip with extra long carbide inserts on the nose of the tip for excellent penetration and wear resistance. Top face of wing is covered with two carbide inserts providing excellent wear resistance. Carbide wafer under the wing to seal fertiliser trench, and firm the seed bed prior to seed placement. Assemblies include the tip.

Packer Recommendation: 3″ (76mm) or wider. V-Packer not recommended.

Opener Features: Hard facing is placed on critical wear points to ensure a long-lasting holder and proper seed placement. The streamlined holder design reduces plugging and allows for better trash clearance. Deigned for use with 1-1/4″ (32mm) O.D. hose. Bushings available for smaller hoses.

Notes: Installation bolts sold separately. Use Grade 8 carriage bolts.

When installing on 50° shanks other than Bourgault or Ezee-On use wedge 880-WDG-0300 or 880-WDG-0301.

All wings on Side Band openers must be pointing inward to the center of the seeding unit to prevent plugging when turning. Customers should order half left and half right wing openers. 

For a more detailed view check out the expanded drawing.

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