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March 2021

Bourgault Tillage Tools (BTT) and Richmond Brothers Equipment are excited to announce that they’ve reached an agreement that will add new products to both companies’ lineups and expand market reach locally and internationally.

This agreement gives Richmond Brothers Equipment dealers access to Bourgault Tillage Tools’ complete line of Blue Armour tillage tools, Speed Loc Adapter System, MaxLife Harrow Tines, seed/fertilizer openers and Niaux 200 Disk Blades. Bourgault Tillage Tools is known in the industry for its high-quality long-wearing ground engaging parts. Richmond Brothers Equipment will distribute BTT products in the Great Lakes Region of Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois, Iowa and Wisconsin.

Secondly, this agreement gives Bourgault Tillage Tools dealers access to Richmond Brothers Equipment’s new line of deep tillage products, including Ultimate Ripper Points, Ultimate Cast Shovels, Bearing Protectors and Ultimate Chisel Plow Points. These products contain a unique formulation that is highly durable and wear-resistant. This formulation was designed at the Richmond Brothers farm in response to multiple requests to enhance the longevity of deep tillage products. Comparative testing showed a significant advantage in performance against OEM and competitive products, and the result was expansive growth in the Great Lakes Region. BTT will distribute these products across North America and internationally in the UK, Europe, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Australia.

Bourgault Tillage Tools and Richmond Brothers Equipment will be working with dealers on a demo program leading up to the official launch in the summer of 2021 with availability to purchase in the fall.

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