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Every shank will require:

  1. An Adapter, comes with hardened bushing (pressed in)
  2. A locking pin
  3. A urethane spring ball cap
  4. 2 Bolts (See bolt length chart to determine what bolts, nuts & washers are required). Sold Separately.
200 Speed-Loc Adapter Assembly

From the backside of the adapter, push the dust seal and then the locking pin into the bushing, then push in the spring ball cap as shown.

410 Speed-Loc Adapter Assembly

Push the spring ball cap into the adapter, push the dust seal and pin into the bushing before inserting it on top of the spring ball cap. Place the assembly against a clean shank and insert bolts. Torque adequately. When installing on European models a wedge may be necessary to correct the pitch.



Before installing a new set of seeding openers, fertilizer knives, sweeps or spikes on new or existing adapters, ensure that you visually inspect each adapter for the following signs of damage:

  • broken, damaged or missing locking pin
  • completely depressed locking pin that will not retract back out (damaged spring ball)
  • cracks and other signs of wear
  • loose bolts

When installing the product always use safety glasses and specified driver.

  1. Firmly install product by sliding it onto the adapter by hand over the locking pin until it will no longer travel on the adapter.
  2. Place the appropriate driver over the product being installed to prevent damage to the nose or leading edge. With a 4 lb. (1.8 kg) hammer, strike the driver with the hammer several times driving the product upward onto the adapter until it contacts the top stopper on the adapter.
  3. Product being driven on should be over the locking pin and snapped or locked into place in the hole of the product being driven on. Pin should be visible through the hole (see illustration). Product must be driven all the way on! Putting the product on part way and going into the field will NOT place the product onto the adapter.
  4.  Verify the pin has sprung into place of the hole in the product. Failure to do so will cause loss of product.
  5. After a few hundred acres of work, check adapters. If they are loose on the shank re-torque the bolts.

Notes: New product may move slightly on the adapters. This is normal wear. If you notice any damage to the product or pin, replace damaged parts and return damaged parts to dealer. Warranty may be applicable. If product installs very hard and will not drive over the locking pin, do not use the product. Return it to dealer for replacement and warranty.

You should see the whole pin through the hole of the opener and the product should be able to move up and down slightly.


When removing the product always wear safety glasses and use Speed-Release Tool 200-REL-1010.

  1. Strike the product sharply with a hammer on both sides of the product to loosen the rust and dirt between the adapter and product.
  2. Place the hook of the release tool on top of the product stem; pressing down on the handle to depress the locking pin.
  3. While depressing the locking pin strike the top driving plate of the release tool with a hammer to move the product downward to clear the pin on the adapter and STOP. Driving the release tool beyond the pin will result in damaging the release tool, locking pin and spring ball.
  4. Remove the release tool; strike the top of the stem to remove the product the remainder of the way off the adapter body.
  5. Clean and inspect the adapter and locking pin for damage. Follow installation instructions for reinstalling products.

Notes: If the opener is seized onto the adapter shock the sides of the stem with a hammer before completing the above steps.

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