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Longer wear life. Exceptional value. 

MAX LIFE™ Scrapers have tungsten carbide infused to high wear areas creating a tougher, longer-wearing product over regular hard-surfaced scrapers.

Scrapers are currently available to fit Wishek Tandem Disc, John Deere 1870 Conserva Pak, CNH Precision Drills and Bourgault Paralink Drills. Options to fit additional makes and models are currently being developed.

For Bourgault Paralink Drills that do not currently use a scraper mount, scrapers are easy to install via our custom scraper arm assembly.

Improved performance. Reduced Costs.

MAX LIFE™ Scrapers are instrumental in keeping discs and packer wheels clean and free of debris. Clean packer wheels maintain a consistent seed depth and allow seeding equipment to precisely place seed and fertiliser for better emergence, a uniform crop and reduced seed-per-acre input ratio. Clean equipment also requires less horsepower to pull, saving on fuel consumption and improving your bottom line.

max life scraper for john deere / bourgault

Fits: Bourgault 3310, 3320 & 3420, SE, QDA & XTC, John Deere 1870 Conserva Pak

Replaces OEM#:
Bourgault – N/A New Part
John Deere – A88182

Overview: This packer scraper is sized to fit multiple mounting brackets. The scraper arm assembly is required for installation on Bourgault machines.


max life scraper for wishek

Fits: Wishek Tandem Disc Model 842NT

Replaces OEM#:
Wishek – W105216
Flaman – PWI105216

Overview: This disc scraper has tungsten embedded carbide applied to high wear areas for a longer wearing product than OEM versions.


CNH MaxLife Scraper
015-SRC-0005 / 0006

Fits: Case IH 800 & 900, NH P2070 & 2075

Replaces OEM#:
CNH 84336698 Precision Scraper RH
CNH 84336699 Precision Scraper LH

Overview: Designated left & right packer tire configurations with tungsten carbide infused to high wear areas for a longer wear life than regular hard-surfaced scrapers.


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